ArtVenture for Wealth Management
With the value of art increasing and with an estimated US$1.62 trillion in art and collectible wealth held in 2016, High Net Worth Individuals are seeking solutions to incorporate art into their long-term wealth management plan. ArtVenture provides a solution for wealth managers to leverge art-related asset management services to help clients build a greater wealth.
Art-related analytics for wealth management
Art and collectibles can represent sizable assets for High Net Worth Individuals. ArtVenture provides solutions to incorporate art into a collector's overall financial strategy.
art collection archive and evaluation
ArtVenture provides in-depth research reporting on the client's art collection and evaluates its current value based on our in-house art history team and quantitative analytics.
quantitative art investment reporting
ArtVenture provides quantitative art investment reports to power decision makers with dynamic information of biography research, profitability analytics, and execution strategies.
art market research and monitorING
With extensive access to both the primary and secondary art markets, ArtVenture helps client track sales performance and identify the next market opportunity.
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