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What’s the state of Guido Molinari's market? How long does it take to resell? What’s the evidence for return & price volatility? Which piece or production series holds the most investment potential? Where to collect and resell? Find your answer in this editorial!
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Individual Artist
Lifeng Li
Molinari Foundation
Published On
November 15, 2018
Overall, Guido Molinari had a remarkable market performance, with total sales summing to $3,075,530 at the auction and a sell-through rate of 90%, indicating the artwork’s high demand. 2014-2018 sales generated an overwhelming 78% of his career total sales, with an annual average of 12 sold artwork with the hammer price of $477,629. His rare (25 lots produced) and best-selling series, the “Black and White” and the “Quantificateur”, have totalled to $1.96M, which constitutes two-thirds of his total sales. Moreover, his “Quantificateur Bleu” demonstrated a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 26.44% over 8 years, which signifies the promising potential in long-term investment.

Bullish Market Performance

Molinari’s bullish market performance over 20 years of Canadian auction sale. From 1987-2018, his total sales are at $3,075,530 which is $320,836 above the total low estimate price at $2,278,898, and around $104,113 short of his total high estimate price of $3,140,762. Despite having a reinvention period in sales between 2004-2013, 90% of the Molinari's 113 lots produced were sold.
"With a dominant auction sale performance and sell-through rate throughout his career and the strong growing sales activity over the past fours years, investor interest in Molinari’s artwork on the secondary market significantly increased."
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Positive Market Momentum

Positive market momentum: growing investor confidence in Molinari’s artwork from 2014-2018. Molinari’s art market auction sales from 2014-2018 have demonstrated significant growth compared to the early stages of his career. During that period, the artist’s total sales were at $2,388,143, comprising 78% of his career total sales, and the yearly average auction sale was at $477,629, 55% above the average yearly top-estimate line at $307,762. Also, his sell-through rate was 93% of the 62 lots produced, which represents 50% of his total career volume of supplies in paintings on the secondary market.

Production Series Highlights

Black and White Series
Highest average value with limited production: Molinari’s least produced series have totalled to sales of $931,625, 41% above the low-estimate value of $658,000. This series holds the highest average price/cm² at $1.32.
Black and White Series’ Hammer price evolution on the secondary market
"In the last 4 years,  100% of the “Black and White” series’ work was sold on the auction market."
Quantificateur Series
Increasing sales liquidity with great auction market performance and evidence of long-term investment return opportunity: Molinari’s best-selling series’ total sales of the 12 lots amount to $1.05M, 25% above the high-estimate value of $835,000, accounting for one-third of his total career art market auction sales. Moreover, his repeated-sold artwork “Quantificateur Bleu” generated a CAGR of 26.44% over 8 years.
Quantificateur Series’ Hammer price evolution on the secondary market
"The Quantificateur Bleu demonstrated a compound annual growth rate at 26.44%."
Stripe Series
Molinari’s “Stripe” series is the most abundantly produced and donated to museums or institutions in forms of charity. His total auction sales are at $734,229, which is above the low estimate price ($731,737) but below the high estimate price ($994,563).
Stripe Series’ Hammer price evolution on the secondary market

Ways To buy

New opportunity to acquire rare pieces from Galerie de Bellefeuille
Molinari’s works are recently made available on the primary market by Galerie de Bellefeuille, due to their collaboration with Guido Molinari Foundation. From November 8th to 26th of 2018, the gallery is presenting a rare selection of work produced by Guido Molinari including all the major production series: the Black and White Series, the Quantificateur Series and the Stripe Series.
"From November 8th to 26th of 2018, Galerie de Bellefeuille is presenting a rare selection of work produced by Guido Molinari."
Heffel Fine Art possesses the highest total sales price and lots sold.
Among the different auction houses, Heffel Fine Art (in Toronto and Vancouver) sold 58% of Molinari’s artwork on the secondary market. Heffel Fine Art generated the greatest sales with an average selling price of $32,717, a higher range than the other auction houses.
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