ArtVenture for Galleries
Today, collectors are seeking value in art that goes beyond aesthetics. From incorporating art into their wealth management plan, to actively selling and buying art, ArtVenture provides investment report solutions for galleries to satisfy financially driven collectors.
Solution for financially driven collectors
The fast-growing art world has attracted a new breed of diverse, financially driven collectors. ArtVenture's analytics report provides a solution to incorporate art into a collector's overall financial strategy. Our partner will have a dedicated data analyst to help track and evaluate the traffic and performance of the auction sale.
Artist Investment report
Promote your artist by providing an investment report to your client.
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Analytic integration
Increase your exposure by directly integrating ArtVenture's analytic matrix into your website.
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Dedicated analytic support
From evaluating buyer's interest, to creating a comprehensive analysis on an artist or a specific market, you can leverage ArtVenture to track sales performance and identify your next market opportunity.
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