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Your single, comprehensive source for artist research, price analytics and market intelligence with granular-level analytics.
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Understand the artist's history, market recognition, price data, curatorial relevance, and investment performance with our full-suite of art analytics.
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The Most Comprehensive Art Analytics Platform

We dive deeper into art market data so our collectors will have a better understanding of the art they're buying.

Beta Features

Canadian Artist Index
We're uploading analytics for 30 popular Canadian artists, from masters to emerging artists.
ArtVenture Rating
The 0-10 investment rating evaluates qualitative and quantitative data.
Price Analytics
We evaluate the art market, artist's performance, pricing history and piece size.

Coming Soon

Buying Channels
We'll connect you with the galleries and auction houses that are currently selling each artist's work.
mid december
ArtVenture Editorial
Collecting tips, buying guides, interviews and opinions on the art world.
Production Series
Tracking the major production series of each artist to distinguish the most valuable and best investments.
Artist Tags
We identify and tag every artist based on movement and artistic style.
Late December
Next Month

Future Releases

AI Price Prediction
We'll provide our price estimation for upcoming sales of major artist's work.
Early 2019
Emerging Artist's Tracker
Track upcoming artists and watch follow their growth.
Early 2019
ArtVenture Gallery
We'll partner with an emerging artist to deliver limited edition prints and pieces.
Early 2019
International Artists
We expand our platform to cover artists all over the world.
Mid 2019
Within 3 Months

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