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Why We Started
To introduce a new decision-making tool to the art world. So you can unleash the true value of your art. So you can take your place in history.
Navigating the world of art presents buyers and sellers with unique challenges. Central among them is the ability to accurately—and efficiently—assess the true value of a work. Since each is unique and non-fungible, evaluation and trade are, all-too often, rendered extremely difficult. Moreover, limited access to clear and reliable information further complicates matters. In turn, this inhibits optimal decision-making, often resulting in a drawn-out process of collecting disparate bits of information from numerous sources.

Consequently, when trying to obtain more information on a particular work, collectors often have no choice but to rely heavily on market experts, art indices, limited secondary market intelligence and trusted networks. Thus, both buyers and sellers are left without an effective, data-driven tool for navigating the art world.

In response to the current state, we have created this very tool—the first-ever platform to provide comprehensive information for every stage of the selling and acquisition process, from start-to-finish. From learning about the artist (i.e., artist recognition, curatorial history), to evaluating the artist market (i.e., investment performance), to the provision of tailored recommendations and a specific execution strategy, ArtVenture’s platform facilitates decision-making at every step.
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Who are we?
Revitalizing connoisseurship, patronage and artistic excellence
Core Values
As the art market braces for the inevitability of change in the 21st century, we at ArtVenture believe that a revitalization and celebration of core, art-centric values is needed more than ever. Namely, a revitalization of connoisseurship, aesthetic excellence and greater support for the artists themselves. A celebration of the emotional and cultural value and impact of a piece. And an improved understanding of its value.

Of its power to inspire and connect us to each other.

Because we believe that when buyers and sellers can make better, more informed decisions, we can focus on really matters: On celebrating art, and the artists, who bring works to life.

Because it’s all about the art.
Our Contribution
With the above in mind, we believe that a work’s value should not be solely or primarily ascertained by financial indicators or other quantitative metrics. Rather, it should be grounded in a qualitative, research-first approach that analyzes key cultural, art historical and visceral influences.

To that end, we have developed a tech tool for the next generation of collectors, one that bridges the gap between the worlds of finance and art. Our art analytics platform offers a comprehensive overview, both quantitative and qualitative, of what makes a work or series truly great. Interactive and customizable reports contribute information transparency, inform risk management and allow you to unleash the full potential of your piece.

Additionally, we offer our clients a series of recommendations including where to buy and sell as well as the optimal production year, size and series, etc.

So that you can convert insights into action and unleash the true value of your art.

Conversations about a work’s value should first begin with a discussion about its historical and cultural value, its impact on the art world—both past and present.

Our ultimate mission is become a definitive reference for all major art world stakeholders.. If you want to receive our product updates and test out our new analytic features, please register as one of our focus group members.
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Artventure is founded on the principle of breaking the barriers of art investing.
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We still have a long journey ahead of us, if you feel connected with our passion of modernizing art investing and making the art world accessible for everyone, please join us.
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